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Vehicle Specification

Make TVR
Model Typhon
Year 2004
Engine 4.0 Litre
Mileage 20,500
Transmission 5 Speed Manual

Vehicle Description

Now Sold to a avid TVR enthusiast - we have another car in the wings we can talk to you about.

In the late 1990s Peter Wheeler began to formulate his dream to see TVR racing at Le Mans and thus began his program to build a CAD designed, carbon composite/spaceframe car, with the ability to be stable at speeds in excess of 200MPH on the Mulsanne Straight.....from this race program was born TVR's ultimate road car: TYPHON.

•The Typhon was indisputably TVR's most advanced car ever built

•A revised and strengthened tubular chassis with integral full roll cage bonded to a carbon fibre and aluminium honeycomb flat floor and impact zones with a fully bonded carbon fibre body

•The car was incredibly lightweight (<1,100KG), longer and wider than previous TVR road cars but immensely stiff and with professional aero design to ensure stability at the speeds it was built to be capable of

•The body of the car is 100% carbon fibre. It is constructed around the steel chassis and the floor to form one single cohesive CF shell with structured impact zones

• Inside the Typhons the interiors were kept to a minimum. Ultimately each car was bespoke to the client and it was the client who decided all levels of trim. For example whether carpets were installed or the shell left bare showing the carbon fibre texture

• This car here was the only one of the three cars produced to be retained by Peter Wheeler prior to its sale to its one and only private keeper in 2010

• The engine in situ here is a 4.0L Speed Six with revised block and strengthened bottom end

• The head is the GenII FFF, a completely new head design that uses the 'bucket' design of the Speed 12 engine which when combined with a very high cam,allows for a rev range in excess of 8,000RPM.

•Recent vast expenditure on a complete and perfect recommissioning by leading racing TVR marque specialist

• Unique opportunity to purchase the ultimate TVR

It would be a pleasure to answer any further questions you might have so please call me directly on 07788 865700.

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