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Vehicle Specification

Make Austin
Model Seven Ulster Sports
Year 1930
Engine 747cc
Transmission 4 Speed Manual

Vehicle Description

Virtually since its inception in 1922 the immortal Austin Seven has been used in competition. It was raced in many guises and numerous forms of motorsport and provided the starting point for some of the most famous names in the sport, from Colin Chapman to Bruce McLaren.

Perhaps the best loved of the sporting Austin's is the Ulster model although it was never referred to as this by the Works. It was infact a nickname given to it by the public after a team of these gallant and endearing cars did so well in the ardous TT race in Ireland back in 1929.

The factory produced a limited run of production sports models off the back of the TT success in Supercharged and un-supercharged form. Indeed, such was the limited nature of these desirable motor cars that innumerable copies, tributes and replicas have been spawned. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flatery and this is true of all the great models from AC Cobra, D- Type Jaguar, T35 Bugatti and of course Austin 7 Ulster.

Interestingly the example appears to be one of the first having already been built into a sporting special in the 1950's. It was rebuilt again in the early 1980's with an early copy of an Ulster body being fitted by Compound Curvatures to the modified chassis and running gear.

Ongoing file invoices certainly evidence significant and correct expenditure by known Seven specialists including its detailed restoration in the 80's. The engine was built with performance in mind (including a Phoenix Crank), there's a file report stating its geared for a theoretical top speed of 91mph - not on your nelly!!! That said, there are photographs of a helmet clad driver competiting at Brooklands Sprints in again in the 80's so evidently competitive.

Recently serviced and checked over by a renowned marque specialist, the little gem of a Seven is full of character and beautifully patinated....I've enjoyed numerous miles over the summer months so can attest to its lively performance - so accustomed these days to being totally shielded from the enviroment, so had forgotten that 'less is certainly more', well at least for a few hours of fun !

It would be a pleasure to answer any further questions you might have.This Austin can be inspected at my Guildford showroom - please call me directly on 07788 865700.

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