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Vehicle Specification

Make TVR
Model Griffith
Year 1992
Engine 4.3 Litre
Mileage 37,500
Transmission 5 Gears

Vehicle Description

TVR made much of the fact that at the 1990 NEC Motor Show an order was taken every 8 minutes for their new Griffith - it's a testament to both John Ravenscroft and Peter Wheeler who penned the design, that it still looks as fresh and modern today as it did when launched nearly 30 years ago.

The proven recipe of shoehorning a large capacity V8 into a TVR began some 30 years earlier when Jack Griffith chose to replace his Grantura's 4 cylinder lump with a Ford 4.7 V8 - in doing so he not only lent his name to the now iconic model but also formulated a design principle that TVR have followed ever since. So much so, that the same dynamic principles have been employed by Gordon Murray and TVR engineers in the latest and third generation of the model, also titled Griffith.

Our car here, is the super rare optioned non-cat 4.3 litre car, finished in Monza red with a full factory hide interior....expensive at the time, but after 28 years looks perfectly mellowed now. These particular early 4.3 non-cat engined cars are without doubt the pick of the crop, being hugely entertaining to drive courtesy of the free revving engine, but enhanced by the spine tingling exhaust note, that sadly cannot be achieved nowadays with the anaesthetising effects of catalysts!

History wise, this particular Griffith has been owned by a family of avid TVR enthusiasts with over 35 years of continuous marque involvement, both on the road and track with current involvement in historic TVR motor sport.

Comprehensively maintained by the right specialists, this Griffith wants for nothing and pleasingly remains very original in both specification and body with no apparent repairs or damage. Certainly a car for the purist and one we wholly identify with being hard core!

It would be a pleasure to answer any further questions you might have so please call Drew Wheeler directly on 07796 270137 or myself on 07788 865700.

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