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Vehicle Specification

Make Austin
Model Seven Ulster Replica
Year 1929
Engine 747 cc
Transmission 3 Speed Manual

Vehicle Description

A fabulously fast and beautifully built period looking Austin Seven Ulster replica by the extremely able Steve Hodgson of SMH Services - being such a fine example it's presence is often requested by both the Goodwood Members & Revival meets.

Very much inline with the blue 'Trials' car, it's built to the highest quality specification using original parts where ever possible. In fact & remarkably in this case, it even has an original 10 stud engine and close ratio gearbox, both hugely valuable in their own right.

If we start with the body and accessories; it's a very nice Rod Yates affair with some louver modifications to the bonnet. The mug guards are copied from from the 'TT' style racing cars and again made by Yates. The radiator shell is wonderfully original but has been re-cored. Small covers and fittings such as the steering box and handbrake cover are original Ulster as is the windscreen frame and petrol tank. Instrument wise, rev counter, switch panel, choke, bezel wound Smith clock and Bluemels steering wheel are again all correct and original. Given that it was painted 6 years ago, it now has a lovely patination as the body work has intentionally been made to look as though it just arrived straight from a lap or two around Brooklands!

Moving on to the running gear; the chassis is built to a 'Sports' specification and lightly modified to make the brake system totally self-compensating, a sensible upgrade for the modern world. The brakes feature the early cast iron drum that offer much better braking and indeed the car stops exceedingly well ! Both front axle and suspension are correct as are the road springs, complete with original drop links. Torque tube mounting are correct as are foot pedals. The steering is a Gun replica with an original steering tube which has been raised to give added clearance. The rear axle is a long nose 1930 type, so it can have any ratio fitted. The wheels are all correct and have been rebuilt and fitted with nicely period looking Longstone tyres.

Now turning to the engine & gearbox; incredibly both of these are rare 'Works' units! The gearbox is a close ratio Ulster unit with the 'X' stamped on it. The engine is a correct '10 stud block', incorporating a pressure fed crank, high lift cam and correct but sorn off nose with rev-counter drive. This engine is complete and has all of its original Ulster fittings. The same for the wide fan blade, original inlet manifold with 30MOV carb and correct oil filter and sump. Finally the cylinder head is again an original early Whatmough-Hewitt, and in very good order.

Given what you have read, it will come as no surprise to hear that this Ulster is indeed the real deal and will very happily sit at 60 mph, but will go alot faster. Steve has taken it to 75 mph but certainly has no wish to inflict mortal damage to this wonderful original works engine, given as along with the original gearbox both are alone worth upwards of £15,000.

It's certainly not your slow Sunday drive type car. It's enormously rewarding. It goes! It stops!......and it definitely likes to go round corners.

It would be a pleasure to answer any further questions you might have.This Ulster can be inspected at my Guildford showroom - please call me directly on 07788 865700.

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