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Vehicle Specification

Make Austin
Model Mini Moke
Year 1969
Engine 848cc
Transmission 4 Speed Manual

Vehicle Description

Delving into the Moke's design history, I had clean forgotten that Sir Alec Issigonis had been the brains behind the Moke too; he really was a brilliant and revolutionary designer as he used an identical engine, transmission and suspension parts to the Mini and as a result, it was really fun to drive.

Contrary to one's thoughts and to a degree its appearance, it was only ever a factory assembled car built by BMC and British Leyland between 1964 and 1993, albeit latterly, they were assembled in Australia and under license to Cagiva in Portugal too.

My very first Mini Moke, and what great example to kick start my relationship....that said, I remember my parents hiring one whilst on hols in the Seychelles in 1970; being 6 at the time it was certainly lots of fun and very memorable.

This lovely home market Moke was produced in September 1969, thus is a very late production car, as by October production was finally switched to Australia where it had run in tandem with the UK since 1966.

Pleasingly the Heritage certificate on file confirms its all matching and retains its original registration number too. I understand that the interior is correct such as it is, and very nice to see rare & original covered rare rear seats in place and that its running on correct 10' wheels.

Ownership has been minimal for a 52 year old car and traceable back to 1977, but there is some talk the famous singer, Sandy Shaw might have been the first owner; records and data bases are being combed through for confirmation...more on this shortly. Pleasingly there are sufficient mots to indicate the mileage is probably correct. Notwithstanding Miss Shaw, it comes from good stock, as the current keeper is a serious and well-known Mini enthusiast with vast knowledge and an enviable 'Issigonis' collection.

Rarely do nice original UK Mokes appear on the market these day, plenty of imported Portuguese and Australian cars come up for grabs, but like many things, the original almost always carries more charm and appeal. I suppose, the old adage, 'less is more' has never been more appropriate than when describing the Mini Moke.

It would be a pleasure to answer any further questions you might have. This Moke can be inspected at my Guildford showroom - please call me directly on 07788 865700.

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